Established in 1984, Sage Technologies has been a leader in the development and integration of SWIR/LWIR vision sensors, application of advanced FPGA technologies in embedded systems, and research and development of electronic systems. Sage is an experienced engineering services company serving commercial markets and the Department of Defense for over 30 years.

Avionic Systems
Current Products and Platforms
Sage Technologies designs are flying on the following aircraft:
VH-3D, VH-60N, H-60, H-65, VH-92, C-130 and others

Some of our systems and technologies:

Advanced Sensor Products

Military Applications
Sage developed a helmet-mounted digital goggle system that enables 24/7 operations where conventional Night Vision Equipment fails. Our unique system uses multi-sensor cameras to enhance visual and thermal detection capabilities, combined with proprietary fusion algorithms and powerful real-time processing.

This novel and unique system is designed for several configurations:
Sage’s innovative design communicates with all digital battlefield technologies deployed by the military. It enables front-line warfighters to receive real-time mission data right onto the Head Mounted Display, and supports Augmented Reality applications.

Civil and Commercial Applications

Sage develops and manufactures a variety of products for civil agencies and first responders around the world.

Fire Fighter Products

HelmetVue Thermal Imaging Camera

Sage Technologies developed a lifesaving system deployed for fire rescue units around the world. The HelmetVue is a Thermal Imaging system that provides a drastic improvement in fire ground operations.

Civilian Rescue and Military Reconnaissance Products

Covert Over Barricade Recon Assistant-IR (COBRA-I)

COBRA-I is a revolutionary digital vision system, collapsible to be pocket-sized and can be used by civilian rescue and warfighters in a variety of scenarios. The camera head is extendable and movable to deliver a clear image without exposing the operator.


A unique Canine-mounted reconnaissance system developed as result of collaboration with military K-9 special operators. The canine warrior is fitted with an ergonomic, specially-designed harness mounted with a sensor platform. The Canine handler receives real time wireless video images from the canine’s point of view. Designed for battlefield support and rescue operations in sites such as caves, natural disaster areas, and more.


Sage Technologies utilizes Hardware and Software Engineering expertise to provide the global defense, security, and first responder communities solutions that bring performance and technology in rapid prototyping, engineering design, and development.

Sage offers design-to-specification engineering services and complete turnkey transition to manufacturing.

Automated Test Equipment (ATE) design and fabrication:

Sage has the expertise and experience to design ATE and simulation systems for complex communications and avionics platforms. Our ATE’s are developed using common and proprietary platforms and tools.

Sage is proud to be a trusted engineering resource for our customers


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